What we treat

Our goal is to reach the Unreachable Population with world class, real time, secure medical services

TELE- ONCOLOGY 5+ Services

Cancers are on a rise globally. It becomes hard for those in the rural to move long distances for screening . Our AI chatbot allows people from rural areas of MEA to get oncology services of E-consultation with specialists , Basic screening , Drug ordering and periodic reviews for those living with the cancers of all kinds Just from a near by Spoke in the area.

We have designed a platform that allows partner clinics with patients to connect with our General doctors at our Hub Virtually ,Get other services like E-Laboratory, E-prescription and referral:

Tele-Cardiology 15+ Services

Our Chatbot is compatible to some of the Modern Cardiology Tele medicine devices . This means that our Cardiologists can Monitor, Treat any patients based at any Spoke .

Tele-Pulmonology 15+ Services

This Telehealth service allows expertly skilled pulmonologists at our Hub to conduct a physician-patient visit with patients who are not in the same exam room as the pulmonologist. Instead, the patient is located at one of our Spokes and using high-definition, real-time, two-way audio and video Telehealth technology, our e-pulmonologists can assess and treat patients regardless of where they are.

Through this telemedicine service, our video software safely allows the remote diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, diabetes arthritis, and other diseases related to the glands and hormones from our Spokes.