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We partner with schools with No stationed Doctors/specialists

Offer them our Tele-medicine Artificial Intelligence Chatbot together with compatible Tele-medicine devices.

Train the school Nurses on how to use the the technologies

When an a sickbay gets a patient , the trained Nurse initiates a call with our E-Doctor based at our Hub

The doctor can ask the patient to carry out a given test .If the facility does not have a laboratory , E-lab test request is made to our Hub or partner Laboratory near a school If our Hub is far

On testing the Results are uploaded on the sick student’s EMR account and copy to our E-doctor who does E-prescription

If the the treating Spoke does not such drugs then through E-pharmacy portal drugs are then orders from our Pharmacy or partner pharmacy if ours is far away

What we treat


Sick students at our partner schools have access to E-dentists 24/7. Services include
  • E-Periodic Evaluations:
  • E-Education:
  • E-Prescriptions:
  • E-Monitoring:

General Tele-Medicine

Sick students at our partner schools have access to E-doctors 24/7. Diseases Treated Include;
  • Malaria
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Chronic diseases
  • UTIs
  • Mental Health
  • Fractures
  • Ear Norse & Throat
  • Eyes