Our Mission

By automating their routine tasks, we allow Chronic disease specialists  to focus on what they do best: give care to the patients who need it most. We also use our tech to step in early and help Patients  become more informed about chronic diseases  — so they can make informed decisions and stay healthier for longer.

Years of creating strong technical foundations mean we can now deliver fully-integrated Tele-Oncology services at scale. The results in the 10 countries speak for themselves

Our service saves up to 20% of total costs. And we do all of this at scale, for millions of chronic diseases patients   and 300 renowned Specialists , in several countries across Africa, USA,UK and UAE.

We are aware that; there’s still a lot of work to do, but we are systematically re-engineering the foundations of our sector to deliver high quality, accessible and affordable AI powered services  for every chronic disease patient on planet earth