New Product

AI Powered Medical Consultant Device

It’s estimated that chronic diseases account for almost three-quarters of all deaths worldwide with more than 70% of these death occurring in the developing countries just because of poor health care systems .For the past three years we have been getting close to 1.5 Million patients   seeking for services from very well experienced Chronic disease Consultants from all over the world mainly USA,  ASIA,UK & UAE. This has taken our board more than 56 Months to consider after comprehensive Market analysis to have this product approved.

At CHIL Group, we are happy to inform you that we are bringing you an AI powered fully fledged Platform that will among other things allow you Consult some of those Most Experienced Doctors ,Consultants  and Specialists  in chronic diseases from UAE,USA  UK & ASIA  all at the comfort of  your home and at  your smart phone:

Diseases we deal with  

Chil is aware the doctor patient ratio in the developing world is still very poor and this has increased the rate of death due chronic diseases. Our Platform can help mitigate world class diseases such as Cancers, Cardiovascular Diseases, Chronic Lung Diseases and Diabetes 

Our services will cover all Kinds of cancers and diseases for both children and Adults. 

These services include; 

  1. Connecting customers to Doctors abroad at a very affordable fee 
  2. Automated symptom diagnosis Checker
  3. Automated Lifestyle disease checker  
  4. Automated Medical Image recognition checker  
  5. Online doctor /Doctor Consultation 
  6. Post Medical care Monitoring 

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