We are Oncology Artificial Intelligence Company that avails our customers (women ) with Affordable, reliable, easy to use, medically proven cervical and breast cancer E-Oncology automated services like Consultation ,Interpretation of Laboratory results ( both Images and Text Reports ) ,Patient Referral in case Laboratory results Test Positive ,Patient Follow up using an Artificial intelligence Powered Chatbot .

Ugandan femtech company, CHIL AI Group wants to build a technology solution for every need of African women. It is a tall order but President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa says the three-year old company is well on its way there.

Last year, Kaliisa was part of a group of African innovators who toured Asia under the Co-Creation Hub Pitchdrive program, seeking partnerships and funding from investors and manufacturers in the global technology hub.

At the time, the company was just CHIL AI Lab, manufacturing cervical and breast cancer self-test kits and offering women access to a less invasive path to early diagnosis. Through its AI-powered mobile app named Keti, women could consult with oncology experts, have samples collected and sent to laboratories,  have their test results interpreted and advised on what next steps to take.

In sub-Saharan Africa, cervical cancers are the second leading cause of cancer among women and the leading cause of female cancer deaths. Caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a large percentage of fatalities result from diagnosis at an advanced stage where the cancer is untreatable.

Keti and the self-testing kits are among an increasingly prevalent group of self-diagnostic solutions that are furthering less-invasive and speedier diagnosis for women especially given the history of delayed diagnosis and the nature of screenings for diseases like cervical cancer, which are often intrusive and generally very discomforting.

Doctors don’t often listen to women, simple digital tools can make them pay attention

As at last year, the company was turning in an annual revenue of US$300,000 and the kits are in use across 25 countries.

Fast forward a few months later and the company has metamorphosed into CHIL AI Group and is building out products in other sub sectors including agritech, fintech and drone technology targeted specifically at women.

“In Africa, women bear the biggest burden in running the day to day activities of their families,” Dr Kaliisa tells TechCabal.

“Helping women [solve personal challenges] not only helps women but the entire family.”

Under its new agritech business, CHIL AI Group is offering farmers a solar cold shed technology solution that the company says can keep vegetable produce fresh for at least 24 days and animal  produce for a reasonable period.

The cooling technology solution is provided under a joint venture with Solercool, an American solar cooling technology company.

Its other agritech solution, Lima, uses artificial intelligence to predict pests attacks among other agricultural support provisions to farmer