Chil's health services

Chronic conditions require a lifetime specialized management. That’s why chil AI Lab does not just link you to every doctor but to a very specialized medical professional with great track record in Management of a given chronic disease for a long time   . Our team consists of over 300 chronic Disease consultants from Africa, USA, UK and UAE.


Speak to a Doctor

Using the patient privacy sensitive artificial Intelligence guide Video conferencing, our customers have chance to carry out consultation 24/7. We have brought us prominent chronic disease specialist from all over the world to make you chronic disease management a success.  We are aware that many people living with disability are always not given chance to use most online consultation services. With our new technology one can our  disabled customers can speak to our specialist using sign language which is then translated into an audio for specialist to understand and response from specialist is translated from audio into sign Language. This is done on Real time basis

Get a Referral

Chronic disease most of the times can be so delicate to handle without onsite supervision of the physical Profession. We have partnered with more than 50 specialized hospitals in Africa, USA, UK and UAE .Using a high level algorithm, our chatbot assesses the needs and then refers a customer to most favorable hospital for father management.

Order for Drug

Chronic disease require lifetime monitoring .With this in mind it’s important to have every medical record safely stored. Chil allows all her customers to safely keep their medical records safely stored for future use on our cloud servers.

Medicine Delivery

You can order for any chronic disease medicine and have it delivered to your door step by either using our drones or our partners transporters like safe boda and the rest

EMR & Auto Radiology Report

Using high level Photo interpretation algorithm, our chatbot allows our patients to have their radiology and other Medical reports interpreted. We are aware that some of our customers prefer their reports to have a second opinion from a human specialist .We also make sure that our customers get such a human guided of their desire

Order for Home Care

We work with a group of specialized bedside nurses who are always ready to jump in and offer services at comfort of your home at a very affordable fee.